What we like about the new NIKE FLYKNIT AIRMAX

What we like about the new NIKE FLYKNIT AIRMAX
THERE'S a new footgear for runners who need full comfort and style every time they make the sprint -- the NIKE FLYKNIT AIRMAX of 2015.

Nike is better known as one of the leaders in cushioning technologies, and has been using these as a vantage selling point for their shoes. In fact, they're the ones who pioneered the idea of taking away the foams and putting air bags inside the sole of a shoe – an innovation started by ex-aerospace engineers named Frank Rudy and Bob Bogert.


We usually rate our shoes in four criteria:

First thing to consider is the weight. Nobody wants to carry a load-ful of rubber on his feet. Though the Air Max technology in  the Nike Flyknit Air Max is expected to be heavy due to the large air cushioning unit that covers the full length of the underfoot, it has the lightest uppers known in the market -- the Flyknit woven uppers. These shoes are not only for running, they're also perfect for traveling and daily training.

Beauty and form. The Nike Flyknit Air Max comes in various colors. They've got eye-catching hues which are quite unique, never too bright, never too dark. Perfect for the old and young alike.
Nike Flyknit Air Max combines large air cushioning unit with woven uppers.
Breathable comfort. We sweat 'n heat a lot when we go running. The Flyknit woven uppers got large pores that facilitates air flow as compared to synthetic mesh. With Nike's new technology, runners won't really  miss wearing their socks.

Responsiveness. The Air Max innovation gives a more responsive experience, a smoother heel-to-toe transition, and an adequate arch support while running.

The Nike FlyKnit Airmax is available in selected Nike stores nationwide.

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