Is EDSA still 'walkable'? Blogger hiked the entire stretch of EDSA to find out - EMONG'S JOURNALS.COM

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Is EDSA still 'walkable'? Blogger hiked the entire stretch of EDSA to find out

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Is EDSA still 'walkable'? Blogger hiked the entire stretch of EDSA to find out
A Filipino blogger and his friends walked the whole stretch of the Epifanio Delos Santos Avenue (EDSA) to have a look-see at the busiest thoroughfare in Metro Manila.

Their goal? To start a conversation about how we can make Manila a “walkable city,” that's according to Pinoy Mountaineer blogger Gideon Lasco.

The blog wrote they "started the walk at exactly 0500H at the big globe at SM Mall of Asia, taking the northbound section of the street... (and) at 1030H (they) reached the Sky Garden at SM North EDSA, concluding the walk," or a total of 5 hours 30 minutes after they started.

What did they observe? Here are a few of them:

1. Pollution - not only air pollution - but also noise pollution. Why not? With an annual average daily traffic along EDSA of 360,417 vehicles, who'd not get deaf with all those horns and engine noises.

2. Unruly pedestrians and nasty drivers. People don't follow pedestrian lanes and drivers don't respect the pedestrians.

3. Sidewalks are too small. They "pointed out that 1.5 meters is the ideal width of a sidewalk and against this standard, Metro Manila’s sidewalks are a far cry (in at least one section near Guadalupe, only a slim person can comfortably fit)."

4. EDSA is home, workplace and playground for many. People were sleeping on sidewalks along with their pet dogs, and kids cross EDSA as if playing "patintero" with fast-moving vehicles.

The blog added that Cubao was the most "stressful place" along EDSA as its sidewalks "coexist with parking areas and vending spaces – almost in violation of the law of physics that says that no two things can occupy the same place at the same time."

Yes, the EDSA walkathon did bring out some funny thoughts, but wait till you read the full article HERE.

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