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PNP to "make life easier" for gun holders on LTOPF, firearms renewal

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PNP to "make life easier" for gun holders on LTOPF, firearms renewal

UPDATE as of July 17, 2017

Philippine National Police Chief Ronaldo "Bato" Dela Rosa announced during the 25th Defense and Sporting Arms Show (DSAS) held July 13-17 at the SM Megamall in Mandaluyong City, that a "provisional" License to Own and Possess Firearms (LTOPF) will now be available for all gun holders who need to renew their firearms.

The provisional LTOPF is exclusive only to gun holders with existing firearms and will no longer require a drug/neuro test. It will be valid for six months.

The LTOPF for first-time gun purchases, however, still require the drug/neuro tests.

UPDATE as of August 8, 2016

Just this morning, the EJ admin team went to visit the Firearms and Explosives Office (FEO) at Camp Crame to see how the application for a License to Own and Possess Firearms (LTOPF) goes.

We found out that the 4 documentary requirements for LTOPF stated on the last update (see below) are only good for LTOPF renewals, and not for first-time applicants.

How to get your LTOPF, firearm license in 7 easy steps

LTOPF, gun registration is now online! 9 easy steps to do it

In short, a person applying for an LTOPF for the first time will still have to submit ten (10) documents, as follows:

1. 2 copies Application Form (notarized)
2. MTC and RTC Clearance or NBI Clearance
3. Dl Clearance or Police Clearance
4. NP Clearance from PNP Health Service (HS)
5. Drug Test Result from PNP Crime Laboratory (CL) or accredited drug testing centers in areas where there are no PNP CL.
6. NSO Birth Certificate or any of the following:
          a) Passport; or
          b) BFA Certificate of Filipino Citizenship; or
          c) Oath of Allegiance/Certificate of Registration from BID for Dual Citizens; or
          d) Birth Certificate from the Local Civil Registry
7. Certificate of Gun Safety and Responsible Gun Ownership Seminar administered by the PNP or any of the following:
          a) PNP Registered and Authorized Gun Clubs; or
          b) Certification from PNP HRDD for active PNP personnel; or
          c) Authenticated copy of Retirement Order for PNP and AFP retirees; or
          d) Certification from the Head of Unit/Office of the AFP and other Law Enforcement Agencies                   indicating that said applicant who is an organic member of their respective Units/Offices                     had undergone Gun Safety Training/Seminar
          NOTE: All the above documents mentioned still requires the validation form EEMD, FEO
8. Proof of billing in the name of the applicant or any of the following:
          a) Proof of Billing in the name of the spouse coupled with Marriage Contract; or
          b) Barangay Clearance for LTOPF purpose
9. One (1) Valid Government ID
10. Proof of Income – any of the following:
          a) Pay Slip; or
          b) Income Tax Return (ITR); or
          c) W2 for government or 2316 Form for Civilian; or
          d) Certificate of Pension; or
          e) Bank Certificate of Deposit; or
          f) Land Title or Certification from Brgy. Chairman & COP for proof of livelihood (for farmers                   only); or
          g) Other documents that may prove source of income


If Private Employee or OFW, add:
1. Certificate of Employment (Original Copy)
2. Indicate Position, Salary and Date Hired
3. Company ID (photocopy)

If Businessman/woman, add:
1. Business Permit or SEC or DTI or CDA Registration (copy)

If Retired Employee, add:
1. Retirement Order, or appropriate document

If Farmer, add:
1. Land CTC

If Government Employee, add:
1. Valid Appointment Order or Oath of Office (photocopy)
2. Government Unit ID (photocopy)
3. (Birth Certificate is now needed.)

1. Valid & Current Appointment Order (photocopy)
2. Certificate of Duty Status (original)
3. Non-Pending Case Clearance (original)
4. Unit ID (photocopy)

If Military Reservist, add:
1. Valid & Current J9 or JAGO Clearance

UPDATE as of July 18, 2016

The requirements for renewing a License to Own and Possess Firearms (LTOPF) has now been reduced, according to an ABS-CBN news article.

From the previous 10, there will now only be 4 documentary requirements, as follows:

1. neuro psychiatric test,
2. drug test
3. National Bureau of Investigation/Metropolitan Trial Court/Regional Trial Court clearance
4. police clearance.

Those who will be able to submit these requirements before 11:00 a.m. may get their LTOPF at 5:00p.m. the same day,  while those submitted after the cut-off period will get theirs the next day, according to Senior Superintendent Cesar Hawthorne Binag, acting chief of the Philippine National Police Firearms and Explosives Office (FEO).

We'll keep you posted for further developments.

PREVIOUSLY: The Philippine National Police (PNP) is considering options for the "streamlining" of the licensing process for firearms, according to the PROGUN (Peaceful Responsible Owners of Guns) website.

In a public forum held last month at Camp Crame, Quezon City, the PNP-Civil Service Group (CSG) and the PNP-Firearms and Explosives Office (FEO) said that the "marching orders" given to them were to "make life easier for licensed firearms owners".

As such, the requirements for obtaining a License to Own and Possess Firearms or LTOPF may soon be eased up, the options shall be as follows:

1. Court and Prosecutor's clearance shall no longer be required. Instead, the applicant shall obtain an NBI Clearance. This is because the NBI record is nationwide and more encompassing than the court clearance which is just for a specific city or municipality where the applicant lives.

2. Drug and Neuro Psych testing shall be expanded to include more government and private testing centers (not just PNP accredited)

3. Number of copies of Forms shall be only two: one for the PNP and one for the applicant.

4. The time to process the LTOPF from filing to approval shall take only 40 minutes. This is due to the computer system that forwards the application from initial evaluation directly to the Chief for approval and signature electronically.

5. Firearms safety seminar shall be expanded to include not just gun clubs but also individual qualified firearms instructors who may administer the seminar.

6. Holders of expired firearms licenses shall be allowed to apply for and obtain an LTOPF.

7. General Amnesty shall be implemented.

We'll keep you posted once these new "streamlined" process is finally approved.

Satellite Offices

The PNP-CSG and FEO satellite offices in Marikina, Davao and Cebu to process applications for LTOPF and firearms renewal.

Feel free to share your reactions and comments down below.

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