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Find the perfect Bulalo at Mahogany Market Bulaluhan in Tagaytay City

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It’s always exciting to come across a good Bulalo dish that’s cheap as well. Tagaytay’s best and most affordable Bulalo can be found at Mahogany Market along Mahogany Avenue, Tagaytay City.

Previously to have a taste of the Batangas Bulalo, we used to dine at RSM Restaurant. The expensive buffet there is still topnotch, but if you just want the Bulalo and you just want them cheap, then the option is to go to the Mahogany Market where the choices of Bulaluhan delicacy is fantastic.

They serve them hot!

The climate in Tagaytay City is invitingly cool. No matter your tour preferences are, you have to bring a comfortable jacket with you because you'll never know when the biting cold may come rolling in. Of course, when things get colder, your body is definitely going to want sustenance, and you're going to want it hot and delicious. A steaming bowl of Bulalo is right for the job.

Find the perfect Bulalo at Mahogany Market Bulaluhan in Tagaytay City

If you're backpacking, all it takes is a jeepney ride to Mahogany Market. Just look for the signboard which reads Mahogany Market and you're good to go. The Bulaluhan is located at the second floor, past the innumerable stalls of kakanin and espasol vendors. During peak hours, customers can queue anything from between 15 to 30 minutes. Expect the place to be swarming with hungry people. But don't despair, there are numerous Bulaluhan stores to take care of you.

Mahogany Market Bulaluhan

When you get seated, you can get Bulalo from among the many stores there. No need to get picky. They serve the same tasty dishes and they bear the same quality of bone marrow. A bowl of Bulalo costs P350 while a plate of fried tawilis is P100. I recommend you get both as they complement each other, like burger and fries. Both portions are good for sharing between 2 to 3 people (yes, the servings are that generous). Be sure to dip down those tawilis in homemade sweet-and-sour vinegar that came with it.

Mahogany Market Bulaluhan in Tagaytay City

Mahogany Market Bulaluhan in Tagaytay City

While you're there and you need to chow down some more, try a bowl of Gotong Batangas for P100. I don't know if it was just me, but they tasted more appetizing than the usual - mildly spicy, moderately thick, and zesty with kalamansi slices.

True to tradition

The Bulalo soup originated in Batangas and is characterized by distinct bone marrow flavors. Our bowl packs a punch with  a sauce dip. I made mine with soy sauce, kalamansi and crushed chili peppers. The good thing about the Bulalo bowls in Mahogany Market is that they stayed true to tradition. Customers will get that easy, guilt-free way to enjoy the flavors of Batangas Bulalo. This is what makes your journey to Tagaytay City especially rewarding.

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Here's the complete address:
Mahogany Market Bulalohan
Mahogany Market, Mahogany Avenue,
Brgy. Kaybagal South, Tagaytay City
Open from 5:00AM to 8:00PM

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