5 hellish places in Metro Manila most commuters painfully endure everyday

Indeed, Metro Manila is not for the faint of heart.

For many years I have lived in this region, which occupies around 620 square kilometers of very populous and dense "somewhat-urbanized" area . It was the kind of place where the roads turned into scorching deserts every summer, and into swamp-like lagoons during rainy days.

Still, things could be a lot worse. During our daily commute, we can only share sentiments over on social media where we disgustingly discuss how unpleasant our day went down, always frightened about what the next coming days could bring.

Here are the 5 hellish places in Metro Manila that most commuters have to painfully endure everyday.

1. The MRT North Edsa Station

Millenials call it the "train ride from hell". Looking at this viral photo from Facebook, you can just imagine how the sweltering heat might have felt like if you're one of the commuters falling in a humungous line all the way from the overpass of Edsa. It'll make anyone homesick for Hong Kong and Singapore's train stations.

The MRT North Edsa Station
The MRT North Edsa Station
Photo from Manila Bulletin

2. Epifanio Delos Santos Avenue (EDSA)

Traveling along Edsa is eternal damnation. This apocalyptical photo was taken during Christmas time at the corner of Edsa and Reliance Street in Mandaluyong City. What seemed like Christmas lights were actually head lamps and tail lights generated from a huge pile-up of vehicles along Edsa.

Epifanio Delos Santos Avenue (EDSA)
Epifanio Delos Santos Avenue (EDSA)
Photo from Orange Magazine TV (Myk Josh Wierzbicki)

3. The Upper Bicutan Footbridge

Woe on all who traverse this infernal region in Taguig City. A commuter alights from his bus along SLEX, has to walk for about half a kilometer under the torturous blistering heat of the sun before he can enjoy the luxury of a tricycle ride towards his destination. Dripping with sweat, you can only ask yourself, "Hasn't the Taguig government heard of a "roofed and covered walk" before?"

The Upper Bicutan Footbridge
The Upper Bicutan Footbridge
Original photo from Mapio

4. UV Express/FX Terminals

It's never enough falling in sweaty long lines for hours inside humid UV and FX terminals. There's still the agony of riding with intolerable passengers. Most of the times you have to give way to burly, Herculean passengers who squish your organs like toilet paper. And of course, not to mention the preens who carry so much paper bags with them that they seemed to have bought every damned sale items inside the mall.

UV Express/FX Terminals
UV Express/FX Terminals
Photo from PatrickJason@Wordpress

5. NAIA Terminals

This is not an everyday thing but commuting from the airport terminals also counts as a journey to the Underworld. In here you are tormented by the savage fangs of enterprising taxi drivers,  charging you thousands of pesos for a short trip to Cubao. Resist the urge to knock them down please.

NAIA Terminals
NAIA Terminals
Photo from GMA

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