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Top 3 reasons why fresh graduates can't get jobs

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Top 3 reasons why fresh graduates can't get jobs
Take note, all ye Millenials.

While Millenials have always thought that a college degree is an infallible ticket to high-paying jobs, many recent college graduates are finding they can't get jobs that pay much more than the minimum wage.

In fact, these fresh college graduates are facing a higher unemployment rate than those without college degrees, and the anemic job market is adding some extra stress to carry for many millennials. Philippines has this to say.

1. ATTITUDE. In their recent study, JobStreet Fresh Graduates Report 2017, country manager Philip Gioca said that employers are looking at the attitude of applicants since most fresh graduates are millennials—and millennials have the reputation of leaving work after a short period of time. Employers, he said, are now looking for applicants who are positive in terms of working and stay longer in terms of tenure.

2. FIELD OF STUDY. The study also revealed the second thing employers consider is the field of study of the applicants, and if this is related to the position they are applying for.

Because the young graduates have unrealistic expectations of their first job and salary, they tend to seek rapid advancement in another field of work which they wrongly assume as vehicles to more high-paying jobs. The notion of "too-much-work-only-pays-an-entry-level-wage" is embedded deep in their mindsets.

3. ASKING SALARY. Results from the report also said that employers are also looking at the asking salary price of applicants.

Most millenials often have a sense of "self-entitlement" thinking they'd make it big in their jobs early on. Employers usually base their salary brackets to skills and length of job experience. Young, inexperienced people can't really demand for high salaries because of that reality alone: they're young and inexperienced.

“More than any time in recent history, the changes in attitude and preferences in employment have become rapid and constant. Jobseekers should equip themselves with further knowledge should they want a distinct advantage in this highly competitive field," Gioca added.

The JobStreet report also said employers want applicants who are willing to learn, have good personal grooming, and outstanding team players.

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