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7 TIPS on how not to become a victim of 'mistaken identity' in a drug war

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7 TIPS on how not to become a victim of 'mistaken identity' in a drug war
Take note, all ye youngsters (and oldsters, too!).

The number of killings in the government's war against illegal drugs continue to increase and has reached around 2,000, two months into the Rodrigo Duterte administration, according to data released this week.

The Philippine National Police recorded 929 casualties killed in police operations from July 1 to August 31, an increase of 141 people over a week, on average 20 people a day.

There are also reported deaths who died under "mysterious circumstances" with some reports saying a few of them have been killed due to mistaken identity or due to their associations with drug men. Their deaths, most of the times, are referred to as "collateral damages."

The statistics speaks for itself. In this instance, prevention is most certainly better than cure.

Here's how not to become a victim of mistaken identity in a drug war:

Choose your friends wisely. Not every one you meet are worthy of your friendship. Know their background before you even think of hanging out with them.

2 Stay away from people doing drugs.
 If he's into substance abuse or drug peddling, it's most likely that the authorities are already on to him.

Avoid visiting places with bad reputations.
 They have the tendency of having something shady going on inside, including drugs, gambling and prostitution. In most cases, a friend's house is used as a hang-out for drug users. You definitely don't want to be in there.

Don't get curious on illegal substances.
 Never think it's okay to take drugs just because your friend does it. If it's against the law, then it certainly is!

Realize that there is no such a thing as a ‘free lunch’.
 Everything in life comes at a cost. When someone is offering you something for free, one needs to consider the motive behind their giving. Anything underhanded or secretive is a sure indicator that an element of dishonesty/illegal exists in the giving.

Manage your morals.
 Being of good moral integrity requires a conscious decision. A decision to fight against the evil within and to act in a noble, right, pure, good, excellent and praiseworthy manner in all we do. This is guaranteed to protect you from associating yourself with drug people and anything illegal.

Don't make money your goal.
 The love of money is the root of all evil. Keep your life free from being in love with money. Don't be tempted with promises of big money in exchange of shady transactions. For all you know, you may already be transporting illegal drugs. Remember: when it's too good to be true, then it's not! 

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