Congress finally 'kills' the nasty and obnoxious 'Protocol License Plate # 8' - EMONG'S JOURNALS.COM

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Congress finally 'kills' the nasty and obnoxious 'Protocol License Plate # 8'

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Protocol License Plate Number 8
They've been the bane of motorists since time immemorial.

Most motorists in the country have encountered that plague of a plate called "Protocol Plate Number 8." When they're not in their reckless, abusive mode, they use sirens and blinkers to intimidate motorists. In most cases, the vehicles with these protocol plates were reportedly being driven by people other than the authorized owner.

But woe no more. House speaker Pantaleon Alvarez has ordered a recall of these protocol license plates because of news reports that vehicles carrying the number 8 plate were spotted in indecent places or figured in crime-related activities, according to a news article from ABS-CBN News.

A memorandum dated Wed, Aug 24, instructed lawmakers with “protocol plates issued in the 16th Congress and earlier” to turn over the plates to the Office of the Secretary General.

List of low-numbered protocol plates

In the 1960s, then President Carlos P. Garcia assigned protocol plates for high-ranking government officials. They have been in use since then.

Below are the license plate numbers assigned to each government official.

1 — President of the Republic of the Philippines
2 — Vice President of the Republic of the Philippines
3 — Senate President
4 — Speaker of the House of Representatives
5 — Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
6 — Cabinet Secretary
7 — Senator
8 — Congressman
9 — Associate Justices of the Supreme Court
10 — Presiding Justice and other Justices of the Court of Appeals
11 — Chairman of the Commission on Elections
12 — Cabinet Undersecretary
13 — Solicitor General
14 — Chief of Staff, AFP/Chief, PNP
16 — RTC Judges
17 — MTC and Sharia Judges

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