Next PNP chief confirms 'double-the-salary' paycheck for cops - EMONG'S JOURNALS.COM

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Next PNP chief confirms 'double-the-salary' paycheck for cops

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Next PNP chief confirms 'double-the-salary' paycheck for cops
More legit cash for cops makes them less prone to corruption.

Incoming Philippine National Police head Chief Superintendent Ronald "Bato" Dela Rosa confirmed President-elect Rodrigo Duterte's earlier pronouncements to double the salaries of the PNP's uniformed personnel.

In the "Yes or No" interview with ABS-CBN's Bandila, news anchor Julius Babao, on the video's 13:27 mark, asked Dela Rosa, "Tataas ba ang suweldo ng mga pulis sa ilalim ng Duterte administration?" (Will the policemen receive a salary increase under the Duterte administration?)

Without batting an eyelash, the next PNP chief replied, "Times two, yes!"

At present, the entry level of Police Officer 1 gets a monthly paycheck of P14,834 plus allowances of about P6,000 (a total of around P20,834) while an average senior police officer with a rank of SPO1 earns P21,711 plus allowances of about P10,000 (a total of around P31,711).

Their basic salary doubled, a PO1 may receive a monthly take-home pay of as much as P36,668; and the SPO1, around P53,422.

Dela Rosa, who has a rank of Chief Superintendent, currently earns P47,002 plus allowances per month.

With the coming salary increase, the incoming PNP chief hopes to curb criminality, such as drug trafficking, in the next 3 to 6 months.


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