Jet ski rider goes missing in Anilao Sea, Batangas - EMONG'S JOURNALS.COM

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Jet ski rider goes missing in Anilao Sea, Batangas

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Jet ski rider goes missing in Anilao Sea, Batangas

A fun vacation of young professionals was suddenly put to a halt when one of their friends went missing after his jet ski malfunctioned at Anilao Sea, Batangas friday afternoon.

Timothy Roy Condino, 22, his brother Stephene Roy Condino, cousin Dante Cardines and friends Roel Santos and Jeff Nodalo Capuz were on board two jet skis going to Sombrero island when Timothy's jet ski conked out at around 3:30 p.m.

Condino said Cardines, Santos and Capuz then decided to go back to their resthouse on board one jet ski, leaving Timothy alone in the sea, to get a rope to haul Timothy's jet ski.

However, when they returned to the area where they left Timothy, he was nowhere to be found.

They immediately reported the incident to the local police and the Philippine Coast Guard, which subsequently conducted a search and rescue operation until Friday evening, but failed to find Timothy.

On Saturday morning, authorities conducted an aerial rescue search and said they sighted a jet ski along the shore in Balayan.

But when Condino's group went to Balayan, the jet ski was not there. They later received information that the jet ski had been retrieved in San Luis near Alitagtag.

As of Saturday afternoon, Timothy remains missing. Search and rescue operation continues. (Source: ABS-CBN News)

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