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Free WiFi in the Philippines starts July (the good and the bad news)

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Free WiFi in the Philippines starts July (the good and the bad news)

Here's some good news and bad news about the new government initiative for a free WiFi service for all Filipinos.

The Good News

The Filipinos will now enjoy free WiFi across the country with no worries of having to pay up for the service. No need to apply and no need to wait in line. One only has to own a smartphone or a laptop to connect and surf the web.

Because it's free, each Pinoy can now save more of his hard-earned money. Budget for data connection can now be converted into buying for something else, something more important.

The free WiFi, according to the DOST's Information and Communications Technology office (DOST-ICT), will be available at the following locations:

  • Public Plazas and Parks
  • Public Primary and Secondary Central Schools
  • Public Libraries
  • Rural Health Units & Government Hospitals
  • State Universities & Colleges
  • Train Stations of the MRT and LRT systems
  • Airports and Seaports
  • City and Municipal Halls
  • National Government Offices

And the service will start July this year, just a few months away.

The Bad News

I hate to say this, but the free WiFi will only run at a very slow 256 kbps. If you're used to using 2 to 3 mbps, then you'll surely frown on what this free government WiFi can only offer ( definitely a very slow YouTube, with lots of buffering and sudden stops -- sort of like riding in MRTs ).

Users will be classified into three groups, depending on their "level." As to how they will classify a user according to "levels," that we still don't know.

Level 1 users get a 50MB daly cap up to 1GB monthly, and have no assurance of consistent 256 kbps connectivity. Level 2 and level 3 users get increasing assurances of connectivity, along with a 100 or 300 MB daily cap that has a limit of 2GB or 3GB, respectively. (Source: Manila: Day and Night)

Feel free to share your reactions and comments down below.

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