Honda flies to the skies, launches first business jet

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Honda flies to the skies, launches first business jet

Honda has always kept its wheels on the ground with cars and motorcycles. But now, the Japanese automotive giant is taking off to invade the skies with the unveiling of its first ever business jet.

HondaJet, developed by the US-based subsidiary Honda Aircraft Company, was launched at Tokyo's Haneda Airport and will embark on a global journey spanning 48,000 kilometers and more than a dozen countries, which includes Switzerland, Great Britain, France and Germany.

Specifications and design

The high-end business jet, measuring about 42 feet long, comes with a tag price of $4.5 million. Its engines rests on top of its wings which means lesser air resistance compared to the conventional jets which carries its engines at the rear of the fuselage.

It can travel 2,000 kilometers without refueling and makes a top speed of up to 778 kilometers per hour, faster than its current rivals.

The HondaJet started in the company's drawing board 20 years ago and has been a long-time ambition of its now-deceased founder Soichiro Honda.

As of posting time, HondaJet has already received more than a hundred orders.

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