Explaining Trump's new immigration, deportation policy in 7 sentences

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Explaining Trump's new immigration, deportation policy in 7 sentences
Deportation of illegal immigrants from the United States just got easier.

US President Donald Trump just overhauled the government's deportation process with the signing of two new memos that dramatically expanded US deportation powers and would "take the shackles off" of immigration agents.

The guidelines are part of Trump's wider security plan and making good his promise to crack down on illegal immigrants.

Below are the key features of Trump's new immigration/deportation policy:

1. Widening the net. Nearly all of America's 11 million undocumented immigrants, to include those who violated immigration laws, will be subject for deportation.
2. Widening the enforcement. The new order deputizes local law enforcement agencies to arrest undocumented immigrants.
3. Beefing up. The number of agents assigned at the Enforcement and Removal Operations Office will turn triple with the hiring of more personnel.
4. Expedited removal. All immigrants caught near the US border will be immediately deported upon arrest.
5. "Deport-first" strategy. Undocumented immigrants will be sent back home while their cases are being heard in immigration courts.
6. Children included. Immigrant children who came across the border to reunite with their parents will be treated as regular unauthorized immigrants and will be placed under deportation proceedings.
7. Criminal liability. Legal immigrants who paid smugglers to bring their children into the US will be subjected to criminal prosecution.

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