PH Elections 2016: Do's and Don'ts when you vote on May 9 Election Day

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PH Elections 2016: Do's and Don'ts when you vote on May 9 Election Day
Two more days to go before the 2016 Presidential Elections on May 9 -- here's a step-by-step guide to help navigate yourself on what and what not to do when you vote.

DO make sure that you are at the right place by looking for your name in the voters list posted near the precinct.

DO come early. Voting starts at 6:00am and ends at 5:00pm.

DO bring a list of your candidates to guide you, but DON'T bring in any campaign materials.

DO protect your ballot by using the Comelec ballot secrecy folder. DON'T take photos or make copies of your ballot. These are election offenses and can send you to jail.

DON'T use your cellphone while inside the precinct. Taking photos is an election offense. This is to prevent vote-buying and selling.

DO shade properly using the Comelec marking pen and fully shade the circles next to candidate of your choice. DON'T use any kinds of pens other than the Comelec's.

DON'T write anything else on the ballot so that the machine can properly read your votes.

DON'T tear, smudge, or crumple your ballot.

After voting, DON'T take out the ballot secrecy folder and marking pen. Taking these materials out of the precinct is an election offense and can send you to jail. Return them properly to the poll clerk.

After inserting your ballot to the VCM (vote counting machine), your voter's receipt will then be printed. DON'T pull it, wait for the poll clerk to cut it for you. (NOTE: Poll clerks must be careful in folding, cutting, and handing the voter's receipt. Poll clerks are not allowed to know who you vote for. )

DO let the polling clerk apply indelible ink on your forefinger nail.

DO check your receipt if it reflects your votes correctly. If you have concerns, inform the poll clerk and DO make sure such concerns are noted in the minutes.

DO drop your receipt on the Voter's Receipt Receptacle. DON'T take your receipt with you when you leave the precinct. This is an election offense and can send you to jail.

(Based on the Commission on Elections' general instructions as stated in Resolution No. 10088 published on April 12, 2016.)

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