So, how do you really pair bluetooth headphones to your smartphones?

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So, how do you really pair bluetooth headphones to your smartphones?
Since you just bought your new bluetooth headphones (either from a friend or for use with your smartphone, you'd very much like to use it pronto and get them to pair with your device.

But after about an hour or two of very frustrating attempts, you just can't seem to make them work. You look at your headphones plus the box that went with it, and you see they're in very pristine condition.

So what the heck is wrong?

I've been to this situation before and believe me, I was equally frustrated as you were.

My last resort: the worldwide web.

I googled a few how-to videos and all of them got me nada results. Until I got to eBay.

According to the eBay website, all Bluetooth headphones work in pretty much the same way - maybe the color of the LEDs is different - but the mechanics of how to set them up is almost the same.

The reason why you are having problems with pairing the devices is that your smartphone can't find the headphones. The cause of this is that you have not put the item in pairing mode correctly.

When you're connecting, the LED light must flash both blue and red. If it's only flashing blue then it's not in pairing mode.

Here's how to get it right (follow in exact order!):

1. Turn your headset off (no LED); but turn on bluetooth of your smartphone.

2. Press and hold down the power button of the headphones for 8 seconds (or longer) until it starts to flash red/blue.

3. When flashing red/blue then search for it using your smartphone. The brand or model number of your headphones should appear on your paired devices list.

4. Click on that brand/model and it's done!

The above instructions will also apply with all other bluetooth devices like jogger's headphones, desktop speakers, among others. ENJOY!

Watch the video below for more detailed instructions.

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