Think before you click! Filipino nurse in Singapore convicted over Facebook post

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Think before you click! Filipino nurse in Singapore convicted over Facebook post
A Filipino nurse working in Singapore who two years ago denied posting ugly comments about Singaporeans on Facebook finally pleaded guilty to three charges on Wednesday, August 26.

What started as a Facebook rant from Ello Ed Mundsel Bello, 28, quickly aroused a swift of backlash of disgust from the locals of Singapore in 2014.

According to Channel News Asia, Bello was convicted on one count under the Sedition Act, for promoting feelings of ill-will and hostility, and on two counts of providing false information to police. An additional charge under the Sedition Act, and another for lying to police, will be taken into consideration during sentencing.

In his Facebook post, Bello called Singaporeans "loosers (sic) in their own country". "We take their jobs, their future, their women, and soon, we will evict all SG loosers out of their own country", Bello added, saying that Singapore would be the "new Filipino state".

The Filipino also stated that he would be "praying that disators (sic) strike Singapore and more Singaporeans will die". He will "celebrate" if this happens, he said.

He ended his Facebook post with the declaration: "REMEMBER PINOY BETTER AND STRONGER THAN STINKAPOREANS."

Edz Bello Facebook post

Bello made the disparaging remarks while employed as a nurse at Tan Tock Seng Hospital. He was later dismissed over the incident.

Bello is expected to serve 20 weeks jail time after his sentencing on September 16.

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