What's new with the "new" LTO Driver's License card ( + photos)

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What's new with the "new" LTO Driver's License card ( + photos)

THE Land Transportation Office (LTO) revealed the design of the new driver’s license cards set to be released this August.

LTO chief Alfonso Tan Jr. said there are a few changes but "...it’s essentially the same."

In a news article from The Star, Tan said they retained “almost everything” on the new driver’s license cards, and just added the words ”driver’s license,” amid complaints from Filipinos abroad that their licenses are not honored overseas.

Resolution has been enhanced and the cards will be printed in 600dpi. The fonts of name of the driver and his/her address will be enlarged for better readability. The "Philippines" and "millennium" tags printed at the top and bottom of the flag are removed while "height," "weight," and "agency" are spelled out.

Design of the new LTO driver’s license cards

Though sporting a new look, the non-professional and professional driver’s license cards will still be colored blue.

The student’s permit, which used to be made of paper has been changed to plastic cards and will be colored orange. The fee will still be P150 for the student's permit.

The conductor's permit, meanwhile, will be colored yellow.

The Allcard Plastics Philippines Inc. is the new supplier of driver’s license cards.

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