9 fast facts you may not know about the Black Nazarene

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9 fast facts you may not know about the Black Nazarene

The 408th anniversary of the Black Nazarene, also known as “Nuestro Padre Jesus Nazareno” happens January 9, 2015.

According to latest statistics, authorities expect around 9 million devotees to flock to Quiapo Church in Manila to line up, touch and kiss the image of the Black Nazarene, referred to as the "Pahalik."

There is also the "Traslacion," where the image of Senor Nazareno is be carried by bare-footed devotees called the "mamamasan," around Manila and back to Quiapo Church.

But there are interesting facts about the Black Nazarene which you may not know yet.

Find below some of these:

1. The first "Traslacion" happened in 1787 from Intramuros to Quiapo Church.

2. The feast day of Quiapo Church is not January 9, but June 24 -- the feast of John the Baptist.

3. The Black Nazarene is "black" because according to history, the image of the Senor Nazareno got damaged and got darker when the galleon carrying it caught fire.

4. The image was brought to Manila from Mexico. Its original color was brown, painted by an unknown Mexican artist similar to his own skin.

5. The Black Nazarene was originally brought by the Augustinian Recollect friars to the Church of San Juan Bautista in Bagumbayan (now Luneta Park) on May 31, 1606. It was later transferred to the Recollect Church of San Nicolas Tolentino in 1608.

6. In 1787, the image was ordered transferred to Quiapo Church by the Archbishop of Manila Basilio Sancho de Santas Junta y Rufina, thus the "Traslacion."

7.  The carriage, or "Andas" which carried the Black Nazarene was originally made of silver. It was heavily damaged in 1975.

8. The longest "Traslacion" in history, which took 22 hours, was in 2012.

9. Only the body of the Black Nazarene brought out during the "Traslacion" is from the original statue. The original head is attached to a replica located near the altar of Quiapo Church. (Source: GMA News) 

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