The Maxi-Peel #BagongGandaBagongPagAsa Journey to Renewal ladies go on stage with Marian Rivera

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The Maxi-Peel #BagongGandaBagongPagAsa Journey to Renewal ladies go on stage with Marian Rivera

Everybody's talking about the Maxi-Peel #BagongGandaBagongPagAsa Journey To Renewal!

Maxi-Peel took the center stage during the latest episode of GMA-7's "Marian" show, showcasing three young ladies with skin problems who were able to transform themselves and reveal renewed skin after using Maxi-Peel for a period of 30 days.

The glittery Maxi-Peel reveal opened with an upbeat song performed by Christian Bautista as he serenaded the three ladies (oozing with new confidence and pride) while walking the ramp, showing off their new skin.

The three ladies - Shane, the management candidate; Crystal, the fresh grad; and Belle, the bride-to-be - were chosen online by Marian Rivera herself and were taught how to use the different Maxi-Peel beauty products to take care of their skin.

With Maxi-Peel (and Marian) by their side, Shane, Crystal, and Belle took the Maxi-Peel #BagongGandaBagongPagAsa Journey to Renewal, and after 30 days, gained significant changes on their skin.

They were presented to the "Marian" audience who were wowed by their noticeably improved skin. One can only gasp - there's no doubt Maxi-Peel did an excellent job in improving their skin.

Shane, Crystal and Belle with Marian Rivera

Marian, who earlier had a one-on-one talk with each of the ladies, said the Maxi-Peel journey helped a lot in giving them more self-confidence, experiencing beauty inside and out.

“May nagawa ba talaga ang Maxi-Peel sa kanila? Ano ba talaga ang naitulong ng Maxi-Peel?” Marian asked.

“Lahat sila isa lang ang sinabi. Malaki ang inimprove nila sa Maxi-Peel. At dahil sa Maxi-Peel, nagkaroon sila ng mas malaking kumpiyansa sa sarili nila,” she said.

“Kami naman dito, ako at kasama ang Maxi-Peel, yun lang ang gusto namin, ang magkaroon kayo ng kagandahang hindi lamang sa panlabas, pero dapat sa panloob din,”

“Dahil dito sa Maxi-Peel, naniniwala kaming dapat na beautiful ka inside and out,” she added.

Shane, Crystal and Belle

In the end, she thanked the three awesome ladies in trusting Maxi-Peel, saying:

“Gusto ko kayong pasalamatang tatlo kasi pinagkatiwalaan ninyo ang Maxi-Peel, ang sinasabi naming bagong ganda, bagong pag-asa. At masaya akong narinig sa inyo na hindi kayo binigo ng Maxi-Peel.”

Marian also encouraged all the ladies having the same skin problems, “Anuman ang problema ng mga girls, kayang solusyunan ng Maxi-Peel.”

So, what’s keeping you from putting an end to all those skin woes? Take the Maxi-Peel journey now. The #BagongGandaBagongPagAsa Journey continues.

Watch the full “Marian” Maxi-Peel segment here:

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