KNOW YOUR RIGHTS: An MMDA traffic enforcer can take your video only when ...

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KNOW YOUR RIGHTS: An MMDA traffic enforcer can take your video only when ...

Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) chairman Francis Tolentino earlier announced to the public that he had authorized his traffic constables to take videos on all motorists found violating traffic laws.

This, he said, shall be used as evidence, and to record that there was an actual traffic violation committed by a driver.

However, there are certain limitations regarding this directive. Below are the guidelines set by the MMDA for their traffic constables attempting to record videos of motorists.

MMDA Rules of Engagement:

1. The use of video cameras should be traffic violation-related.
2. There should be a causal relationship between the event being recorded and the perceived traffic violation.
3. The video recording should not be intrusive.
4. The video recording should be sufficient enough for evidentiary purposes.
5. Should the other party request a copy, he or she should be given.
6. Assaults (verbal and physical) usually involving personal safety of the unarmed traffic enforcer can be video-taped subject to the nos. 1 - 5.
7. The enforcer can likewise be video-taped by the motorists or the general public subject to nos. 1 - 6.
8. In other cases involving public general safety, (i.e. snatching, holdups, fires or floods), the procedures mentioned can be used, taking into consideration the personal safety of the traffic enforcer.

MMDA released the ROE days after one of its traffic enforcers was allegedly mauled when he attempted to record a video of a driver.

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