Bomb jokes can land you in jail, businessman finds out in Cebu

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Bomb jokes can land you in jail, businessman finds out in Cebu

They never learn.

On Wednesday, a man was sent to jail after cracking a joke to a flight attendant that he's carrying a bag containing a bomb, according to a radio report.

Surigao businessman Arnold Go, 42, was at the Mactan-Cebu International Airport and on board Cebu Pacific Flight 5J223 bound for Butuan City when a flight attendant requested him to place his hand-carried bag into the baggage compartment just above his head.

Go said he cannot do so because his bag contains an explosive device.

The flight attendant was quick to react. She ran to the cockpit and informed the pilot.

Airport authorities arrived, arrested Go and immediately hauled him off the plane.

It was later learned that the bag did not contain any bomb.

Go will be charged with violation of Presidential Decree 1727, often referred to as the "Anti-bomb Joke Law" with penalty of 5 years imprisonment or a fine of P40,000 or both.

Just last year, Kim Castillo, an OFW from Dubai, was also arrested after joking inside a Philippine Airlines plane that he's carrying a bomb inside his bag.

On May 2007, actor John Estrada was also arrested by airport police in General Santos City after a bomb joke.

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