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Myrtle Sarrosa on the cover of FHM's February 2018 issue
Cosplayer/actress Myrtle Sarrosa graces the cover of the February 2018 issue of FHM.

Myrtle, 23, started her career as the big winner of Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition 4 in 2012, and since then has been casted to numerous movie and television programs.

Also featured in the February issue are articles about what might happen if the call center industry became obsolete, and how to bring your old sneakers back to life.

FHM February 2018 is available in selected supermarkets, convenience stores, newsstands, and bookstores nationwide!

Myrtle Sarrosa FHM February 2018

Myrtle Sarrosa black boots

Myrtle Sarrosa red bra

Myrtle Sarrosa bra and panties 1

Myrtle Sarrosa bra and panties 2

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EXPLAINER: How to apply for an Uber TNVS franchise
With the announcement of the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) officially opening more than 45,000 franchise slots for the registration of transport network vehicle services (TNVS) on Monday, February 5, you may be thinking about driving for Uber.

You might also be wondering what the requirements are and whether you’ll get accepted if you apply. The thing is, Uber doesn’t give you too much information about the requirements before you apply, so it might feel like you don’t have enough information to move forward with your application to become a partner driver.

Fear not. In this post you’ll learn the Uber requirements so you can find out right now if you can apply and qualify.

Most of the requirements are straightforward, but some aren’t. Other than the self-explanatory age requirement, there are a few extra details you need to know about each of the driver requirements.

Uber Driver Requirements.

These requirements apply to UberX, UberXL, UberPOOL, UberBlack and UberHOP.  If you’d like to apply for a driver's license today, click here.

  • You must be at least 21 years old
  • Have access to a 4-door car that is model year 2014 or newer
  • Possess a professional driver's license
  • Have a valid NBI clearance

Want to know if your vehicle qualifies for Uber?

Need a car to drive for Uber? 

  • You can find a car or an auto loan here. Just type in your message in the contact form below this article and let's see what we can do to help you.

What is the process to become an Uber driver? What are the steps?

The first thing you need to do to drive for Uber is complete the driver application and create an Uber account. Then, you upload your Driver's License, Official Receipt (OR) and Certificate of Registration (CR) of your car, and a valid NBI Clearance.

You must have a TNVS accreditation from the LTFRB.

An Uber driver needs to get TNVS Accreditation in accordance with the LTFRB Ridesharing Regulation. Most applicants start to get confused or impatient with this, but just to make it clear for everybody: Once you have submitted all documentary requirements, Uber will do all the footwork to make sure you get your accreditation and your CPC (Certificate of Public Convenience) Franchise. This means you don't have to go to the LTFRB office once you've signed up.

However, you have to submit CPC requirements to Uber within your first 30 days of operating: BIR Certificate of Registration, DTI Business Name Registration, PNP Clearance, Proof of Financial Capability, among others. Uber will be giving a complete list of these requirements and will update you the status of your application via SMS or email.

To understand more of the LTFRB regulations, visit and take some time to read the following:

  • Memorandum Circular No. 2015-015: Rules and Regulations to Govern the Accreditation of Transportation Network Companies
  • Memorandum Circular No. 2015-016: Terms and Condition of a Certificate of Transport Network Company Accreditation
  • Memorandum Circular No. 2015-017: Implementing Guidelines on the Acceptance of Applications for a Certificate of Public Convenience to Operate a Transportation Network Vehicle Service
  • Memorandum Circular No. 2015-018: Terms and Conditions of a Certificate of Public Convenience to Operate Network Vehicle Service
  • Department Order No. 2015-011 (revised version): Further Amending Department Order No.97-1097 to Promote Mobility

How much do Uber drivers make?

You can expect to make around P1,500 a day, based on an average billing of P150 per trip for an average of 10 trips a day. If you're planning to drive for 6 days a week, you're bound to collect at least P36, 000 a month.

But of course, you have to deduct vehicle expenses. According to, weekly car wash (P320/mo), mobile loads for data (P1,000/mo), fuel consumption (P12,000/mo) and auto maintenance  (P1,000/mo) can set you back for about P14, 320 per month. This means you keep around P21, 680 earnings a month.

When you have a driver doing the work for you, deduct at least P12, 400 salary from the net total and you earn around P9, 280 a month.

To maximize your earnings, make yourself a business plan. Income can vary quite a bit based on your location, the day of the week, and the time of day. Most drivers maximize their income by driving on different hours, days and times and seeing what works best.

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Millennials' Guide to former street names in Manila
Many of the younger millennial generation have heard of locations mentioned in old books, articles and documents relating to the city of Manila that are no longer on the map.

This is because several names of streets in Manila had since underwent a name change in the past, following nearly four centuries of colonial occupation.

Take for example the Raon Street, that famous road that houses gazillions of electronic gadgets, speakers and TV sets which is now called Gonzalo Puyat Street and Divisoria that is now called Salas Street. Dakota is now Adriatico Street and Herran is now Pedro Gil Street.

Find below the list of renamed streets in Manila.

Original nameNew nameDistrict
Calle AceiterosM. de Santos StreetSan Nicolas
Calle Aduana/Calle ClaveriaA. Soriano AvenueIntramuros-Port Area
Calle AgnoFidel A. Reyes StreetMalate
Calle AlbuquerqueRaja Matanda StreetTondo
Calle Alejandro IV (Calle del Gral. Camba)M. V. Delos Santos StreetSampaloc
Calle AlixLegarda StreetSampaloc
Calle AlmanzaF. Torres StreetSanta Cruz
Calle AndalucíaAlfonso Mendoza StreetSampaloc
Calle AnloagueJuan Luna StreetBinondo-Tondo
Calle ArkansasEngracia C. Reyes StreetErmita
Calle ArranqueTeodora Alonzo StreetSanta Cruz
Calle ArrocerosA. J. Villegas StreetErmita
Calle AvilesJosé Laurel StreetSan Miguel
Calle Azcárraga (Paseo de Azcárraga/Calle General Izquierdo/Calle Paz/Calle Bilibid/Calle Iris)Recto AvenueBinondo-Santa Cruz-Quiapo
Calle Bagumbayan (Paseo de las Aluadas)Padre Burgos AvenueErmita
Calle Balic-BalicG. Tuazon StreetSampaloc
Calle BancusayF. Varona StreetTondo
Calle BarbosaA. Bautista StreetQuiapo
Calle BuenavistaVictorino Mapa StreetSanta Mesa
Calle BustillosJ. Figueras StreetSampaloc
Calle CaliforniaJosefa Llanes Escoda StreetErmita-Paco
Calle CamarinesHerrera StreetSanta Cruz
Calle CarolinaMadre Ignacia StreetMalate
Calle CataluñaG. M. Tolentino StreetSampaloc
Calle CervantesRizal Avenue, from Calzada de Bilibid (now Recto Avenue to San Lazaro HospitalSanta Cruz
Calle Chicago (Street)Antonio C. Delgado StreetPort Area
Calle ColoradoFelipe Agoncillo StreetMalate
Calle ConcepcionNatividad Almeda López StreetErmita
Calle CondesaNorberto Ty StreetBinondo
Calle ConstanciaR. Cristobal, Sr. StreetSampaloc
Calle DagonoyF. Torres StreetSan Andrés
Calle DakotaAdriatico StreetMalate
Calle DartÁngel Linao StreetPaco
Calle DavidBurke StreetBinondo
Calle de DiazBenavidez Street (N of Recto Avenue)Binondo
Calle de EchagueValderama StreetSan Nicolas
Calle de EncarnacionAsuncion Street (NW of C. M. de Santos Street)San Nicolas
Calle de VivosRoxas BridgeSan Nicolas
Calle DivisoriaSalas StreetErmita
Calle Dulumbayan/Salcedo (Avenida Rizal)Rizal AvenueSanta Cruz
Calle Echague/Calle del RosarioC. Palanca, Sr. StreetQuiapo
Calle EconomíaVicente G. Cruz StreetSampaloc
Calle El Dorado/Martín OcampoQuezon BoulevardQuiapo
Calle EvangelistaM. Natividad StreetSanta Cruz
Calle Florida (Calle de San Antonio)María Y. Orosa StreetErmita-Malate
Calle FolguerasCarmen Planas StreetSan Nicolas-Binondo
Calle Gandara/Calle de San AgustínSabino Padilla StreetSanta Cruz
Calle GalleraArquiza StreetErmita
Calle GardeniaGen. Geronimo StreetSampaloc
Calle GastambideF. Dalupan StreetSampaloc
Calle GeorgiaLuis Ma. Guerrero StreetMalate
Calle GuipítSta. Teresita StreetSampaloc
Calle Herrán (Calzada de Paco)Pedro Gil StreetErmita-Paco-Santa Ana
Calle IndianaPilar Hidalgo Lim StreetMalate
Calle Inviernes (Street)Dr. M. L. Carreón StreetSanta Ana
Calle Isaac Peral (Calle de Cortafuegos)United Nations AvenueErmita-Paco
Calle Isabel (Street)F. Cayco StreetSampaloc
Calle Kansas (Avenue)F. T. Benitez StreetMalate
Calle LepantoS. H. Loyola StreetSampaloc
Calle LipaM. F. Jhocson StreetSampaloc
Calle LoobanCarmen StreetPaco
Calle Magdalena/Calle de San JoséG. Masangkay StreetSanta Cruz
Calle Malecón (Paseo de Santa Lucia)(Paseo de María Cristina)Bonifacio DrivePort Area
Calle MangahanP. Guevarra StreetSanta Cruz
Calle ManuguitAbad Santos AvenueTondo
Calle MarinaGuerrero StreetErmita
Calle Marques de ComillasD. Romuáldez, Sr. StreetErmita
Calle MelbaDoroteo José StreetSanta Cruz
Calle MendozaDe Guzmán StreetQuiapo
Calle MilitarJ. Quintos, Sr. StreetMalate
Calle MisericordiaTomás Mapúa StreetSanta Cruz
Calle MorgaTayuman StreetSanta Cruz-Tondo
Calle MoraytaNicanor Reyes StreetSampaloc
Calle NebraskaJorge Bocobo StreetMalate
Calle NegrosKusang Loób StreetSanta Cruz
Calle NoriaP. Paterno StreetQuiapo
Calle NovalichesNicanor Padilla StreetSan Miguel
Calle NozaledaGen. Luna StreetPaco
Calle NuevaE. T. Yuchengco StreetBinondo
Calle Nueva (Camino Real)A. Mabini StreetErmita-Malate
Calle O'DonellSeverino StreetQuiapo
Calle ObservatorioPadre Faura StreetErmita
Calle OregonG. Apacible StreetPaco
Calle OrienteV. Tytana StreetBinondo
Calle OtisMaría Paz Mendoza Guazon StreetPaco
Calle PennsylvaniaLeón Guinto StreetMalate
Calle PepinJ. Marzan StreetSampaloc
Calle PérezMahatma Gandhi StreetPaco
Calle PescadoresSto. Cristo Street ExtensionTondo
Calle PrincipeDel Pan StreetSan Nicolas
Calle QuiotanSales StreetSanta Cruz
Calle Raon/CentenoGonzalo Puyat StreetQuiapo
Calle RealDel Pilar StreetErmita-Malate
Calle Real del Palacio (Calle del Palacio)General Luna StreetIntramuros
Calle Real del PariánReal StreetIntramuros
Calle RegidorQuezon BoulevardQuiapo
Calle RequesensE. Remigio StreetSanta Cruz
Calle RosarioQuintin Paredes StreetBinondo
Calle Sacristía/LacosteOngpin StreetBinondo
Calle SalinasElcano StreetSan Nicolas
Calle San GeronimoArlegui StreetSan Miguel
Calle San JacintoTomás Pinpín StreetBinondo
Calle San José/Calle San RafaelAlhambra StreetErmita
Calle San Juan de DiosLegazpi Street (between Real Street and San Francisco Street)Intramuros
Calle San LuisKalaw AvenueErmita
Calle San PedroEvangelista StreetSanta Cruz
Calle San RoqueP. Gomez StreetQuiapo
Calle San Sebastián/Calle del Gral. CrespoR. Hidalgo StreetQuiapo
Calle SandeN. Zamora StreetTondo
Calle SangleyesBlumentritt RoadSanta Cruz-Sampaloc
Calle Santa MonicaSalcepuedes StreetErmita
Calle Santa RosaUrbiztondo StreetSan Nicolas
Calle SeguntoSanto Cristo StreetSan Nicolas
Calle TanduayJ. Nepomuceno StreetQuiapo
Calle TayabasFrancis P. Yuseco StreetSanta Cruz-Tondo
Calle TennesseeGen. M. Malvar StreetMalate
Calle TimbuganS. Reyes StreetSanta Cruz
Calle TrabajoM. Dela Fuente StreetSampaloc
Calle TrozoBambang StreetSanta Cruz
Calle TuberiasDr. Concepción C. Aguila StreetSan Miguel-Quiapo
Calle UnionF. M. Gernale StreetPaco
Calle VermontJulio Nakpíl StreetMalate
Calle Vito Cruz (Street)Pablo Ocampo StreetMalate
Calle Washington (Street)A. Maceda StreetSampaloc
Calle WrightAntonio Vásquez StreetMalate
Calle ZurbaranValeriano Fugoso StreetSanta Cruz
Calzada de PacoGen. Luna StreetErmita-Paco
Columbia Avenue (Calle Rizal)(Manila Road)(Highway or Route 50)(Ermita-Pasay Boulevard)Taft AvenueErmita-Malate
Dewey Boulevard (Cavite Boulevard)Roxas BoulevardErmita-Malate
Governor Forbes StreetLacson AvenueSampaloc
Harrison BoulevardQuirino AvenueMalate
Highway or Route 51Juan N. Luna StreetTondo
North Bay BoulevardHonorio Lopez BoulevardTondo
Plaza de Santa AnaLegarda StreetQuiapo
Santa Mesa BoulevardMagsaysay BoulevardSanta Mesa
Santa Mesa Road (Highway or Route 53)Old Santa Mesa RoadSanta Mesa

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