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Kris Aquino to run for Vice President?

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Don’t look, but it seems that controversial presidential sister Kris Aquino will be invading the world of politics soon, not as a kibitzer but as major player.

A highly credible source who serves as consultant of several political personalities says Kris is being groomed by a powerful group within the Liberal Party to be the running mate of Interior and Local Government Secretary Mar Roxas in the 2016 elections.

“But she’s too controversial and there are too many issues that would be used against her if and when she runs for vice president,” some would say.

Up to now, people apparently don’t realize that Kris is a Teflon public personality whose public career is punctuated by scandals and major controversies.  Still, she remains impervious to blame and criticism.

As the daughter of former President Cory Aquino and national hero ex-Senator Ninoy Aquino, Kris was front-page news in the early 1990s with her announcement of her live-in status with the married Philip Salvador with whom she had a son, Joshua. She was featured live on prime time TV with her tearful confession in 2003 that she was breaking up with live-in partner actor and Parañaque Mayor Joey Marquez, who had mistreated her, pointed a gun at her and infected her with a sexually transmitted disease. She was again on primetime TV and on the front pages of newspapers recently with her disclosure about the details of her request for a protection order against former husband, basketball superstar James Yap.  She claimed he made unwarranted sexual advances at her home during Yap’s visit to their son James Yap Jr.

But she is indeed a Teflon. Her public pull remains strong.  She is the number-one advertising endorser today for products ranging from shampoo to home appliances and real estate.  She remains Queen of All Media with her strong presence in print and broadcast.

So why not run for Vice President?

In fact, Kris’ latest announcements serve to confirm her prospective entry into politics. She has announced her plans to take up courses in public administration and law.

It should not be a surprise if she becomes active in politics. Before she entered show business, Kris was a political celebrity.

Those of my generation remember and admire Kris for participating in the 1978 Batasan elections, appearing in rallies and giving speeches on behalf of her father who was under military detention at that time.

One of the enduring images from that campaign is the picture of the seven-year-old Kris speaking on Ninoy’s behalf.

Kris enjoys a distinction shared by perhaps a couple of other Filipinos.  Her picture and her story on the campaign trail was featured on the front pages of the iconic New York Times.

A source, who knows Kris says one of the reasons why Kris has decided to threw her hat into the political circus and run for Vice President, if Roxas would agree, is the senatorial bid of her cousin Bam Aquino.

The source said Kris is not too happy about Bam’s candidacy and his exploitation of his ties with President Cory, Senator Ninoy and President Noynoy.

The source said Kris believes that Bam, if he wins, would target the vice presidency and this early, she would like to pre-empt him.

If and when Kris runs for vice president, many vice presidential wannabes would be disappointed.

As of now only two presidential candidates are on the horizon.

The frontrunner and the favorite to become the next president after President Aquino is, of course, Vice President Jejomar Binay whose trust rating is the highest among public officials according to surveys.

Binay also is performing exceptionally well in the assignment given to him by President Aquino as housing czar and as the official representing the president on the affairs of migrant workers.

The choice of Binay’s running mate has apparently been finalized and the door is closed to other vice presidential hopefuls.

Senator Jinggoy Estrada appears to be Binay’s choice.  The Binay-Estrada combination appears to be the most potent in 2016.

The third possible presidential candidate is Senator Bongbong Marcos. Marcos, however, has no clear projections of his plans for 2016 and apparently a decision is not about to come soon. If Marcos runs, then this will offer an opportunity for those who wish to run for vice president.  Those who place in the top five in this election and senators whose term expires in 2016 and who cannot run for re-election will be the contenders.--By Alvin Capino, Manila Standard Today

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