Filipino seaman killed by fellow OFWs in Colombo - EMONG'S JOURNALS.COM

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Filipino seaman killed by fellow OFWs in Colombo

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A Filipino seaman was allegedly hacked to death by his fellow Filipinos over an argument while their ship was docked at the Colombo port in Sri Lanka, reports say.

In a news report from the Emirates, the 37-year old Filipino identified as, Prebin Magalonse Bonius, was murdered due to a dispute with other colleagues in the Taiwan flagged ship docked at the Bandaranaike Quay of the Colombo port.

The police said that there was a dispute among the crew and the incident had occurred between 12.45 am and 2.00 am on Monday 11.

Meanwhile, ‘Lankadeepa’ newspaper reported today, that six Filipinos who fled the scene of crime have surrendered to the Colombo harbor police accompanied by officials of the Philippine Embassy in Colombo.

After the incident, they had given themselves up to the embassy.

As of this writing, the names of the suspects are not immediately available.

Further investigations are being carried out by the Colombo harbour police.

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