Things you may no longer enjoy when Rody Duterte is sworn into office

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Things you may no longer enjoy when Rody Duterte is sworn into office
The numbers keep on coming in favor of the "presumptive president-elect" Rody Duterte.

And knowing how keen the good mayor of Davao City is with regards to peace and order, here's a list of things that you may have to keep in mind once Duterte takes his oath of office as the 16th president of the Philippines.

1. No more late night videoke singing sprees. You have to end your concert at exactly 11:00 p.m.

2. Liquor ban will be at 1:00 a.m. sharp. If you want to get really drunk, start early.

3. Smoking can never be done indoors, public spaces, cafeterias, bars and restaurants, etc. Light up only in designated smoking areas.

4. No littering and no spitting anywhere at any time.

5. Follow traffic rules to the letter. Be respectful of road signs and don't try those sneaky maneuvers just to get ahead of the others.

6. If you're a motorcycle rider, never attempt to put on open exhaust pipes or any modified mufflers to make your bike louder.

7. Definitely no over-speeding. Drag racing, whether in legit circuits or not, will never be allowed.

8. Don't let your minor children out in the streets beyond 10:00 p.m. If they have to, be sure to accompany them.

9. Firecrackers will not be allowed -- even on a New Year.

10. Absolutely no carrying of firearms. Only the police and the military will be allowed to do so.

11. Don't ever, ever try to sell drugs. You won't like it when Duterte gets angry.

(Based on existing ordinances of the local government of Davao City)

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