Margo Midwinter on the cover of FHM March 2016

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Margo Midwinter on the cover of FHM March 2016
Former Pinoy Big Brother 737 housemate Margo Midwinter is FHM's March 2016 cover girl.

Born and raised in the UK, the 23-year old model/beauty queen is much remembered as a colorful rival to co-housemate Dawn Chang (FHM's February cover girl) during their stay inside Kuya's house.

When asked to describe her concept of sexiness, Margo said "Sexy, I think is all in the mind. If you feel beautiful about yourself, you'll always attract what you want in life. So, whether it's treating yourself to nice lingerie, doing your makeup and hair, taking that time for yourself will emphasize you and you'll be able to feel sexy and good about yourself. It's all about the mind," (FHM interview)

FHM March 2016 is now available in supermarkets, convenience stores, newsstands, and bookstores nationwide.

You can score digital copies in the following days through the FHM app on Apple App Store ( and on Google Play (, Buqo, and the Summit Media Newsstand (!

Margo Midwinter close-up

Margo Midwinter black bra

Margo Midwinter black stockings

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