Have you seen the new LRT. MRT 'tap-and-go' cards? - Features & rates

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Have you seen the new LRT. MRT 'tap-and-go' cards? - Features & rates

The Light Rail Transit Authority (LRTA) has just released a photo of a sample of the new contactless, "tap-and-go" smart cards for the LRT and MRT.

LRTA spokesperson Hernando Cabrera posted on his Twitter account a picture of the new train tickets which will soon replace the conventional cards being used today.

These cards, which are part of the new ticketing system, will be initially used for the LRT-2, but will soon be used on both the LRT-1 and MRT lines.

The new vending machines to be installed can dispense card tickets which can be loaded from P11 to up to P10,000 with a life span of up to 4 years.

These tickets contain microchips which are similar to Hong Kong's Octopus cards and Singapore's EZ link.

Features also includes personalizations for senior citizens and PWDs to efficiently implement fare discounts. The tickets will also be available on retailers outside the stations.

The LRTA will come up with an announcement soon when the new "tap cards" will be implemented.

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