Free Facebook internet access now available in PH

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Free Facebook internet access now available in PH

The Facebook free internet service access is now available in the Philippines, according to social media giant Facebook.

This means that the Facebook app is now more accessible to the masses because anybody can now go online and use the social media network without paying for the connection service., a Facebook-led initiative, was launched in the Philippines Thursday morning.

What is In simple terms, it's an app that will give Internet to those people who don't have it. In his Facebook page, he cites a certain Jaime, a tricycle driver from Manila, who uses Facebook and the Internet to stay in touch with loved ones who moved to Dubai.

Zuckerberg said, ""We're one step closer to connecting the world as we launched in the Philippines today. Now everyone in the country can have free access to internet services for health, education, jobs and communication on the Smart network,"

However, is available only to subscribers using the Smart or Sun network.

Facebook launched to bring together "technology leaders, nonprofits and local communities to connect the two thirds of the world that doesn’t have internet access."

"Devices are too expensive. Service plans are too expensive. Mobile networks are few and far between. Content isn’t available in the local language. People aren't sure what value the internet will bring. Power sources are limited or costly. Networks can’t support large amounts of data. Together we can remove these barriers and give the unconnected majority of the world the power to connect," it said.


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