The Top 10 most affordable (and most popular) lunchbreak fast foods

The Top 10 most affordable (and most popular) lunchbreak fast foods

It's another day in the office. And to an ordinary employee, he has to face one of his greatest worries of all. Where to take his lunch.

An average Pinoy employee earns no more than 20k per month. Taking off basic expenses like rent, electricity, water and transportation, he has to make do with how much money left inside his wallet. Having that in mind, how must he choose his food?

He must choose wisely.

A wise choice for a perfect office lunch must be based on affordability, cleanliness, quality and taste of food, and convenience. In my opinion, fast food restaurants inside malls are the best choices simply because they offer all criteria. And they have delivery services, too.

Listed below are my top "office lunch" choices, ranked according to busog factor, or how they fill your stomach the most. The price range go from P60 to P120 per one complete meal.

1. Mr. Chow - if you're a voracious eater, this Chinese style resto is definitely you. It got all the dimsum and short orders you want from a Chinese food joint but with the affordability of an ordinary fast food.  You can choose from a wide variety of Oriental dishes: lechon macau, pata tim, sweet and sour pork. And most importantly, unlimited servings of your favorite yang chao rice.

2. Mang Inasal - Unlimited rice for the big stomach and lots of grilled chicken and pork, complete with soup (sabaw), kalamansi sauce (sawsawan) and siling labuyo to enhance your appetite.

3. Tokyo Tokyo - Ever thought that you were once a Ninja in your past life? If so, then this is the fast food for you. Japanese delicacies in sumo combo meals with red tea. Plus everyone's favorite - unlimited rice.

4. KFC - The best chicken in town. They used to be pricey but due to today's high demand for affordable fast foods (and competition), they've got no other choice but to go nosediving with their prices. Perfect for medium-sized stomachs. More gravy please!

5. Jollibee - i dont know of anybody who have not tried this burger store. Lots of combo meals and lots of rice meals. Chicken Joy, spaghetti, pansit palabok, Champ burgers, and more. If you're easily satisfied with just one extra rice, then this one's for you.

6. McDonalds - Also for the small-sized stomach. They offer enough hamburger value meals to satisfy your palate. The taste is Western and savvy. Why not,  it's a franchise from the good, ole US of A.

7. Chow King - Probably the most popular of all Chinese style restaurants. Like Jollibee and McDonalds, combo meals galore in its menu. If you got some extra cash, be sure to try their halo-halo-specialties.

8. Bodhi - If you're more of a health buff, then this is definitely your choice. A complete list of vegetarian food ready to satisfy your cravings. They got vegetables, organic food, gluten and mock meat. Bucket list? How i wish they can have their own standalone restaurant.

9. Greenwich - Not a rice-lover? Get pizza and pasta for lunch. This resto is just a notch lower than the high end pizza stores but still tastes great. It's hip and it's hop. Definitely for a more younger you.

10. Red ribbon - Cakes for the sweet tooth. Subtle menu -- this is your kind of restaurant. Too bad they've cut on old flavors. But hey, they were still able to maintain their ranking above their competitors. If you're looking for more calories but want them light on the stomach, I highly recommend this store.

Feel free to share your reactions and comments down below.

The Top 10 most affordable (and most popular) lunchbreak fast foods The Top 10 most affordable (and most popular) lunchbreak fast foods Reviewed by Leun Sotragues on 5:50 AM Rating: 5

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