Old Nokia phones still in demand... to drug dealers

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Old Nokia phones still in demand... to drug dealers

If you think that the classic Nokia phones are already dead -- think again!

According to an article from Vice.com, drug dealers from the United Kingdom have swapped their smartphones to the much "low-tech" cellphones like the Nokia 8210. And some Pinoy criminals may also be doing the same switch.

Reports say that this trend was brought about by their efforts to evade law.

The Nokia 8210 was released back in 1999 and is currently a discontinued model. Its small size and impressive battery life made it a great phone when it first came out, and it seems like these same features make it the "dumbphone" of choice for criminals, a GMA News report said.

The phone's size also makes it easier to smuggle in prisons.

One of Vice UK’s informants said that since the authorities can now use wifi and Bluetooth to get information from smartphones, all the dealers he knows now use the Nokia 8210, adding that it was the best phone when it first came out.

And criminals here in the Philippines may be doing the same switch.

We did some rounds at the local police stations in Metro Manila and asked a few cops about the new criminal trend.

According to them, they did notice that most of the apprehended "small-time" drug peddlers do use old Nokia phones, but emphasized that the "big-time" drug lords are still equipped with high end smartphones.

The police investigators said that old Nokia phones are still popular with the "small-time' drug peddlers. Not because they are avoiding tech-savvy law enforcers, but maybe because of its cheap price (Yes, they are still available with some costing as low as P200!) and portability.

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