Did you just say PEKPEK SHORTS?

Did you just say PEKPEK SHORTS?

Okay, so I'm that kinda person who lived most of his post-adolescent years in the 90s -- the years when everybody's wearing loose t-shirts and loose shorts.

But that doesn't mean my eyes are closed to something new.

Those loose shorts seemed to evolve themselves into something sexier and hot -- the "short" shorts young girls of today call, unconventionally as it is, the 'pekpek' shorts.

"Did you just say pekpek shorts?"

'Yes, you heard it right."

Basketball players of the yesteryears have worn them, the bomba stars have worn them, and maybe your grannies have worn them, too (at some point in time when they were younger). They used to be a big no-no, but now you can see them everywhere.

Pekpek shorts are everywhere!

TRIVIA:Why pekpek? It's a Filipino slang for the female genitalia. The shorts are too short you'd swear on your neighbor's grave you can almost see the women's genitals even without the benefit of an infra-red night vision. In the US, they call them the "daisy-dukes." 

Why do they wear them?

We did some interviews with ladies, young and old alike and found out why the girls of today wear the pekpek shorts. Below are the top three reasons (in no particular order):

Why do they wear pekpek shorts?

No matter what their reasons are, all these point to one direction-- pop culture.

Pop culture is the "in" thing. The holy grail of the next generation. Just like the gadget you're holding now. A tablet, a smartphone, a GPS or maybe even a dashcam. People don't want to be obsolete nowadays. That's fashion sense.

And in this ever-changing world, with the emergence of dozens of social media networks plus the continuing waves of new technology, people can't help but to go with the tides and wear the ultimate fashion get-up -- the pekpek shorts.

How to make your own "PEKPEK" shorts

Summer is just around the corner and you might want to have a pekpek shorts of your own. So, here's a fun way to make them, courtesy of WikiHow:

Get a pair of maong pants (jeans) that still fits you, a pair of scissors, a pencil, and a sandpaper (optional).

Put on your maong pants and mark your desired length with your pencil or pen. This mark is where you want to cut them. 

Cut them on the mark you made.

If you want that worn-out, torn and rugged look, you can use the sandpaper and rub it on the pekpek shorts. 

Once done, you can now wear it anytime, anywhere!

Now, lets see what our friend has to say about your new threads:

Feel free to share your reactions and comments down below.

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