PAPAL VISIT: What not to bring when you attend a Pope Francis event

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Pope Francis, the most closely guarded religious man in the world, will remain under the watchful eye of an extensive, and intense, security detail of the Philippine National Police (PNP) during his first papal visit to the country.

When he arrives on Friday, January 15, he will be secured by nearly 40,000 uniformed police and army personnel, and more than 20,000 civilian volunteers.

The Vatican City also have a security contingency of their own. Its security detail is never officially confirmed, but security experts say his entourage is expected to include hundreds of elite and heavily armed security personnel.

Meanwhile, to further boost security measures, the PNP has already listed down a number of items which civilians must not bring when they go and see Pope Francis.

1. No big bags or backpacks.
2. No umbrellas.
3. No bladed weapons or any deadly weapons.
4. No wearing of hats and caps.

Security operations will include close-in security, route security including air cover, and building security.

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