Smart MePay: Now, you don't need a credit card to shop online

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Smart MePay: Now, you don't need a credit card to shop online

Introducing MePay,  the electronic and mobile payments platform from Smart Communications Inc. (SMI) which can be used to purchase items from online seller Zalora.

MePay, the new payments platform that only requires any Philippine mobile number upon sign-up, will now allow for secure and convenient online shopping with Zalora even for customers without a credit card, the Manila Times said.

Initially available in the Philippines, MePay will soon provide a payment platform for emerging markets like the Philippines, especially those countries with low banking and credit card penetration.

These shoppers can access the payments platform by providing a Philippine mobile number upon sign-up to top-up their accounts through direct transfers from Smart Money accounts or through any of the 30,000 Smart Money Padala centers nationwide.

“The Philippines has one of the highest growth rates for e-Commerce in the Southeast Asian region but credit card ownership is still at just around 4 percent of the entire population--a long-time hurdle which MePay intends to address,” SMI chief operating officer Benjie Fernandez said.

“With MePay, we are expanding the space for e-Commerce around the world by enabling secure and convenient online payments through a service that’s easy to use and access. In the next few months, you will see more features added to MePay,” he added.

For more details, visit the MePay website HERE.

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