New law lets you arrest a smoke-belcher and get P10,000 reward

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New law lets you arrest a smoke-belcher and get P10,000 reward

At least that's what a new congressional bill is all about.

Called House Bill (HB) 4932 authored by ATeacher party-list Reps. Julieta R. Cortuna and Mariano U. Piamonte Jr., the proposed law taps an ordinary citizen to make a lawful (citizen's) arrest on an individual coughing out too much vehicular smoke on the streets.

This, they say, is a support for the government-backed law RA 8479 or the "Clean Air Act."

HB 4932 further says that a cash reward amounting to P10,000 will be given a citizen who makes a legitimate arrest.

The legitimacy of the arrest shall be determined by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), and shall be the lead agency to order the payment of such reward. The reward will be tax-free.

This is how it goes:

Under the authority of the new law, the citizen will effect the arrest of a driver or operator of a smoke-belching vehicle.

After the arrest, he/she will bring the arrested person and the vehicle to the nearest police station and have him booked for violation of the "Clean Air Act."

The vehicle shall be temporarily impounded at the police station pending verification of the smoke-belching violation.

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