PH joins 'suspended coffee' movement

When you order your next coffee, would you consider putting one aside for someone who can't afford one? Blacksoup Café + Artspace restaurant has joined the movement of coffee banking for those in need.

The suspended coffee movement is one of the latest trends to spread worldwide thanks to social media.

The idea is people go to a cafe and buy a coffee for themselves and leave one for someone who can't afford one.

A news article from ABS-CBN News said the tradition started in Naples, Italy where customers pay in advance for coffee meant for someone who can’t afford one.

Blacksoup Café + Artspace, a restaurant in Quezon City co-owned by Bodjie “Kuya Bodjie” Pascua of “Batibot” fame, started the kindness initiative in the country last Easter Sunday, March 31.

In Blacksoup’s version of the increasingly popular “suspended coffee” initiative, customers may order coffee at P55 per cup and sandwiches at P50 to P60 each, which the restaurant will keep as stubs.

Guests may claim these food stubs and give them to beggars, the homeless or anyone who is in need of something to eat or drink.

If the stubs are not claimed within two days, staff members of Blacksoup will go around in a bicycle to give the equivalent coffee and sandwiches to street people and their families.

“We will ask our guests who will claim suspended coffee and sandwiches to sign our tracking papers and post it here in our Facebook page,” according to a post on the restaurant’s Facebook page.

“And if we have extra hands to do documentation, we will post the photographs so our kind guests can share in the happiness of paying it forward,” it added.

Blacksoup’s suspended coffee movement will be on a “trial period” until the end of April, and other restaurants are expected to follow suit.

The suspended coffee movement has been embraced in different parts of Europe, with a writer on the website The Independent saying that it “accentuates the very best of human nature.”

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