'Boracay Bodies' premieres on TV5

Boracay Bodies aired its premier April 6 on TV5.

Boracay Bodies is a weekly competition featuring eight models and TV personalities as contestants. They have been flown to the island of Boracay to compete in specific daytime tasks, while partying all night. The contestants can gain points from these activities, which will help determine who wins and who loses each task.

After eight weeks, the show will have a grand party where the eight contestants will compete for the titles of "Ultimate Party Boy" and "Ultimate Party Girl" and win half a million pesos each.

The contestants are French-Filipino ramp and print ad model Luke Jickain; actor model Victor Silayan (son of actress Chat Silayan, and grandson of the late actor Vic Silayan); award winning actor Joross Gamboa; model Brent Javier; reality star Wendy Valdez; German-Filipina actress Helga Krapf; model and actress Krista Miller; comedienne Ethel Booba.

TV5 First Vice-President for creative and entertainment production Perci M. Intalan said Boracay Bodies was inspired by the 1980 movie Temptation Island directed by Jose Gosiengfiao.

"We thought of coming up with a reality show where the contestants will be involved in a lot of intriguing and exciting challenges," Mr. Intalan told reporters. "We got the idea from Temptation Island, where contestants of a beauty contest were stranded on an island, and had to learn how to deal with each other."

Boracay Bodies airs Saturdays at 9 p.m--By Jeffrey O. Valisno, Business World

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