Ai Ai delas Alas is now Mrs. Jed Salang

Ai Ai delas Alas is back in the country, together with husband Jed Salang, whom she married in Las Vegas last April 3.

Holding Jed’s hands, the comedienne told “TV Patrol” on April 10 that it was her businessman-husband who adjusted more to their May-December relationship.

“It’s 60-40 – siya ang 60,” Ai Ai describes the kind of adjustment they had to do. “Mas maganda yon kasi lalaki siya. Siya ang magdadala ng relasyon.”

Like all new brides, Ai Ai is positive their love will make them survive any trial – including that which stems  from their 20-year age gap.

“Lahat ng unos pagkatapos may liwanag. Mahal namin ang isa’t isa. Love is  bigger  than the  problem.

Her children, Nicolo, Sancho and Sophia support their mother’s decision to start a new life with Jed.

“Dati pa naman. Maaliwalas,” Ai Ai states.

The couple’s church wedding in the Philippines is set on Dec. 8.  Ai Ai and Jed also signed a pre-nuptial agreement  weeks before their Las Vegas wedding.

This, The Philippine  Star entertainment editor Ricky Lo  wrote in his Funfare column on Wednesday, April 10.

Ai Ai has kept mum about the said wedding, posted Instagram photos showing her, Jed, her former boyfriend Miguel Vera, and her children, Nicolo, Sophia and Sancho. The photo was titled “Formal Wedding.”

According to Ricky, Jed proposed  on March 25, following a Lovers’ Quarrel that almost tore them apart.  Ai Ai hastily went to the US to think things over.

After they patched up, the comedienne said in an interview that she is thankful to Jed for accepting her. She also said that it is Jed she wants to spend the rest of her life with.

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Ai Ai, 48, is 20 years Jed’s senior. But she believes age doesn’t matter.

“Naniniwala ako na siya yung binigay sa akin,” Ai-Ai said in an interview on Kris TV on Friday, November 23.--Source: Yahoo

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