Nude cyclists pedal for a cause

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SCORES of nude cyclists have pedalled through Brazil's financial and industrial hub to call attention to the bare facts: Sao Paulo is dangerous for bikers, and short on dedicated bike lanes.

Nude cyclists pedal for a cause

Some demonstrators did a Full Monty ride on Saturday while others opted for a relatively demure topless protest that was carried out in some other Brazilian cities, like Porto Alegre, and in Peru's capital, Lima.

Nude cyclists pedal for a cause

"When we take it all off, we are showing just how vulnerable we are when we are not in a car," one demonstrator in this city of 11 million with just 67km of bikes-only lanes, told local media.

In Lima, protesters were demanding bike lanes and better traffic lighting.

They said they also were trying to raise awareness of cycling as a healthy and environmentally friendly mode of transport.--Source: Associated Press


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