Memoto: Wearable 'life-logger' can record your whole life, 24/7

If you could relive one moment of your life. What would it be?

Lifelogging, the practice of wearing computers to capture data of one's life, may get a boost out of this new camera from a Swedish startup.

A small wearable camera from Swedish startup Memoto automatically takes photos of the wearer’s surroundings every 30 seconds —on time, all the time.

Capturing everything

“It’s not only the stuff you thought you would want to remember. Ordinary moments can turn out to be special. But the only way to see that is to capture everything,” Martin Kallstrom, one of the founders of the company, said in an interview with the New York Times.

The $279 (P11,352) camera can be clipped onto a collar or jacket, or worn around the neck. It switches off only when it is dark, face-down or placed into a pocket, NYT said.

It comes with a year of free online photo storage —but its 8GB storage, which can hold up to 6,000 photos, is not enough.

When plugged into a computer to charge, Memoto uploads the photos to a companion app where wearers can review the photos.

Also, the device can last a few days before needing a recharge.

Users can search through a photographic archive by location and time of day.

Tracking your life

"Eventually, its founders say, they hope that the photos in Memoto can be paired with other tracking and data applications, to provide the photostream associated with that activity. For example, runners who use RunKeeper or Nike Plus could someday sync their Memoto data with their running data and watch a playback of the images they captured on their morning jogs," NYT said.

Memoto, founded in 2011, is planning a meet-up for self-trackers, or people who collect data about themselves to learn more about their daily activities and habits.

It has raised close to $1 million via Kickstarter and European investors.

So far, it has received 3,000 orders, and may start shipping devices by late April or early May.

No 'off' switch

Memoto’s founders said the camera is designed to be conspicuous, so others would be aware of it.

They added there is no off switch or any way to delete photos captured by the device.

Kallstrom said he believes a protocol for when to capture and when to share will evolve naturally once devices such as this become mainstream.

He added that while lifelogging “sounds like a crazy idea,” "the whole world is starting to think about it and the potential that can come from it.”

Not social sharing

At least for now, the NYT report said the photos taken by the camera will not be available for sharing through social media.

On the other hand, it said the device could be programmed to send an image to a service like Evernote or a social networking site like Twitter.


The NYT report said Memoto’s camera may raise debates over issues like privacy, ownership of data and social etiquette.

It also cited questions about how secure the sensitive information captured by such devices may become.

Another issue may involve what happens if these companies go out of business, taking huge amounts of personal information.--Source: GMA News

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