Malaysia marriage scam: 2 Pinays among 5 nabbed for kidnap of Japanese bachelor

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Desperate to get a Filipina wife, a Japanese was kidnapped and held for ransom after being lured to Malaysia by the woman whom he just met online.

Online marriage scam: 2 Pinays among 5 nabbed
in kidnap of Japanese man in Malaysia
In a report from the Japan Daily Press, the Malaysian police were able to safely rescue a Japanese man who had been kidnapped by five members of criminal syndicate after being lured to the country with the promise of finding a wife.

The unnamed 51 year old engineer arrived in Malaysia on March 12th after meeting a Filipino woman online through social networks and having the impression that she would marry him. However, he quickly found himself held hostage in exchange for ransom.

After getting picked up at the airport by the woman he had chatted with on the internet, he was taken to a condo in the city of Kajang. Police say he was held there by five people: three Nigerian men, his “girlfriend,” and a second Filipino woman, all in their 30s.

The captors were demanding a ransom of $50,000 from the man’s family back in Japan.

The police carried out a raid on the condominium on the night of Saturday, March 16th, after learning of the victim’s situation. The five were arrested, while one of the Nigerian men was shot in the leg as he tried to attack one of the police officers.

It’s not clear if the five people were working alone or if there are other involved in the online scam & ransom demands, but the investigators say the money was supposed to be wired to a bank account in the Philippines.


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