VIDEO: Anne Curtis' explains her controversial 'no underwear' shower number

Actress Anne Curtis has addressed speculations about the revealing outfit she wore during a production number last Sunday.

"Natatawa na lang [ako], but I guess people talking about it makes it a good thing. Okay lang sa 'kin 'yun. Negative or positive comments, they're always welcome. You just [have to] learn the art of deadma, and you accept what other people have to say," the Kapamilya actress told ABS-CBN News on Tuesday.

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During her birthday performance on the concert variety program "ASAP" last Sunday -- she turned 28 on February 17 -- Curtis took the stage with a number inspired by a performance of international pop star Rihanna singing the hit "Diamonds."

In the number, Curtis appeared to be wearing a long black gown with a slit that showed her left leg up to a part of her left waist. While singing, the "It's Showtime" host was showered with water -- a feature of the number inspired by Rihanna's original performance.

On social networking sites, netizens aired their enthusiastic reactions to Curtis' number, but a number also took online to ask whether the prized Kapamilya actress was wearing underwear during the now-controversial performance.

In its official account on micro-blogging site Twitter, the Movie Television Ratings and Classification Board (MTRCB) said it has "[summoned] 'ASAP' to gender-sensitivity investigation over alleged provocative outfit of one of its stars last Sunday."

'No wardrobe malfunction'

Referring to the high slit of her dress, Curtis told ABS-CBN News Tuesday that the outfit by designer Boom Sason was meant to offer an "illusion."

"Boom of course knows what I was wearing, and that's actually what our theme was eh. Because when I said I was going to get wet, kailangan may hidden tan na swimsuit because it has to have that illusion na high slit, so na-achieve naman namin. At least the illusion worked 'di ba," she said.

In a post on image-sharing site Instagram on Tuesday afternoon, the "It's Showtime" host also posted photos (seen above) of her outfit, which show its two parts -- a "bodysuit" which is worn underneath the dress with the high slit.

Addressing speculations that she was not wearing underwear during her performance last Sunday, Curtis light-heartedly referred to her controversial wardrobe malfunction in March 2010.

"For the people who really are believing it, come on naman. I've already had my fair share of wardrobe malfunction, so I think I've learned from that lesson. But the whole point of that dress was the illusion -- na super high slit, but I was wearing a tangga swimsuit which Boom Sason is known for," she said.

Curtis likewise addressed criticisms of her supposed lack of "originality" in her performances. Before her Rihanna-inspired number on "ASAP," the self-confessed "non-singer" opened "It's Showtime" early this month with a performance inspired by the Super Bowl halftime show of American singer Beyonce.

"It's never been an issue for me, because I never hid it. I never say this was my idea. I always announce it's inspired by Rihanna, by Beyonce, kasi gusto rin kayanin ko 'yun," she said.

"I don't think there's anything wrong if you get inspiration from other people. Kung pang-Hollywood 'yan, kaya rin 'yan ng mga Pinoy 'yan 'no. You should have that mentality -- hindi lang 'yan pang-Hollywood, kaya rin natin 'yan," she said.--Source: ABS-CBN News.


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