Robinsons 'Snake' Back In New Malls

The video of a mutant snake -- purportedly of the old urban legend of a snake in Robinsons Galleria allegedly victimizing beautiful women in its dressing rooms -- seemed to take its rounds again in the social media, two years after its supposed video was posted on YouTube.  Video below.

The video, showing a snake with a humanoid head with blonde hair, started circulating again amid the opening of several Robinsons malls and the company's (Robinson Land Corp.) announcement of the opening of new malls in Malabon and Cebu.

The urban legends are described by an ABS-CBN report as: 

"the snakeman had access to the mall’s CCTV cameras, and would spy on women in the dressing rooms. If he saw a woman he liked, he would flip a switch and the woman would drop through a hole in the floor, straight into his arms."

" version, the snake was supposedly RLC tycoon John Gokongwei’s son, and the twin brother of Robina Gokongwei-Pe.

"Other versions alleged that the snake was a female and laid golden eggs, the source of the Gokongwei family’s wealth."

"Yet another version claimed that Gokongwei kept a giant snake in the mall to ensure prosperity, and women in the dressing rooms would be chosen for the reptile to eat."

Back in the 1980's, pretty actress Alice Dixson was allegedly victimized by the "dressing room trapdoor" and was nearly eaten herself by the mutant snake.  But, she was rumored to have received quite a handsome amount of money to keep the incident secret.

Sometime in 2008 in the University of the Philippines’ School of Economics, Big John Gokongwei's daughter Robina delivered a speech and touched on the "Robinson Snake" subject:

“You were not born yet when the story of my kakambal na ahas who was half-woman, half-snake came out when we opened our second Robinsons Department Store branch in Cebu in 1985. My kakambal was supposed to be the source of our wealth as she laid golden eggs. She was supposed to be hiding under the floor of the fitting rooms, and every time a beautiful woman would enter, the floor would open and she would land right inside the mouth of my kakambal na ahas.

"I have no idea who started this incredible story, but I have to tell you that some people believed it and even started staring at my legs to see if there were any signs of snakeskin. A few people still ask me about it, and I have to tell them na naging handbag na ho sa Robinsons Department Store.

"Thank goodness there was no Internet yet at that time, or you would start receiving photos of me with a snake’s body and my kakambal na snake with a woman’s legs,” she said.

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