'Legends' Event By Alamat Crewser Bike Club

Now on its 4th year, Alamat Crewser MC in collaboration w/ KIller Kingkong Productions will have its very first event dubbed as “LEGENDS” – A Gathering Of Bikers For Cause," on Sept 14 at Roadhouse Manila Bay. 

Bike enthusiasts (and even those who aren't), are encouraged to join the event and experience the "Blues, Bikes, Rock and Booze," on the premier biker bar in Manila....

According to MotorCycle Philippines, the Alamat Crewser MC started out as regular Friday meet-up where cruiser enthusiasts, particularly China-made cruisers, hang-out and share stories. 

Later on, as the original crew has visions of things bigger than a “regular” club, they went "beyond the stereotypes," and enjoined themselves on civic-oriented activities. 

The event venue, Roadhouse Manila Bay, is located just behind the SM Mall of Asia. Ticket sales proceeds will be given to The Chosen Children Village Foundation.

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